• Travel Max Guide has prepared the itinerary of Everest Base Camp Trek, according to your two-weeks paid vacation. The itinerary is flexible. Add 2 more days to the itinerary to be on the safe side. The Lukla’s weather is unpredictable. It can be worst or too good. In good weather, you will always land at Lukla 100% safely. As a wise traveler to Everest, you know 2 weeks is not enough but 16 days. Your dream will come true when you reach with us at the base of Everest.
  • Imagine in your bed that you are ascending to the height of 5000 m plus. You just can’t lie in a bed. Why don’t you go jogging for 30 minutes? Just do it for one month, or you can do cycling and stair climbing at home or in an office. They aren’t that difficult.
  • At 3500 m, what will happen to you if you have altitude mountain sickness. Leave it to luck, you might have altitude mountain sickness, or you will not. Shortness of breath is one of the symptoms of altitude mountain sickness. You can buy a small oxygen cylinder in Kathmandu. To combat altitude mountain sickness in the Everest Region, drink a lot of water, or if you want to reach directly the base camp of Everest, then you can fly in a helicopter. Another thing you can do is take Diamox medicine before ascending 3000 m, 24 hours earlier.

Important Things to Note 

  1. Do you know how much is our inclusive Everest Base Camp Trek cost? Chat with John, who will give you a discount. Compare our service and personal feelings towards you with other trekking agencies. We will listen to you right from the beginning as well as we give suggestions and recommendations. If you want to do Everest Base Camp Trek within your budget, then tell us now, we will provide you service accordingly and happily.
  2. Please bring some extra cash to pay to the hotel and for food if your Lukla flight gets cancelled due to bad weather.
  3. During Everest Base Camp Trek, what is a must is travel insurance? This insurance must have a helicopter evacuation service from an altitude of 4000 m plus, including 3500 m.

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