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TMG Adventure (Travel Max Guide Adventure P. Ltd.) is a registered tour operator based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It’s a team of passionate, experienced, dedicated members serving experiences in the Himalayas and beyond it to our travelers around the world. Specialized in Travel and trekking in Nepal. Known for the quality services, by using our full potential, you can experience the best of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Simply we are different because “We are the storyteller from the Land of Himalayas” where we share our life’s incredible experiences and learn from each other’s. It’s all about to motivate each other and keep moving ahead in life. Unleash your dream by traveling around the world. It an investment for you. Travel offers a wide range of knowledge about the local life and culture. Where you are going to find the meaning of life. Stories in each corner of the world. Get connected and be a storyteller. Nature is our great inspiration and motivational factor that impels us to relate good examples in our practice life. 

We would like to introduce ourselves as the Himalayan Shepherd. Organizing trekking in Nepal, mountaineering, tours, adventures, safaris, travel photography, volunteering, evangelism tours and offers exclusive private and customize trips in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Explore Nepal with your local tour operator and the local trekking guide. To do trekking in Nepal and tours with local companies helps in sustainable tourism. At the same time, you are going to be a contributor to our communities and the local people who are going to be benefitted directly. This helps to increase the quality of the tourism of Nepal. Our companies always seek for sustainable tourism and do care for the environment. 


TMG Adventure is the workers of tourism. We have been serving our clients for more than one decade. Collecting experiences in both social work and tourism. Where we compile both experiences and started the travel company, “TMG Adventure”. Its official name is Travel Max Guide Adventure Private Limited. There is a good reason why we add the number of travel agencies in Nepal. It’s not only to operate the trips in Nepal but meantime you are going to join the hands to support our global cause. It’s a station where every traveler can share their vision and supports one’s vision. Be a part of this.

TMG Adventure is a developed concept of First Act Nepal (FAN). It’s teamwork for the well being of communities and the children of Nepal. To give continuity for a global cause, our team starts a commercial business as a travel company so that we can generate funds and support our project by donating a certain percentage of income. 

Every booking you make with TMG and every revenue it earns, from this, TMG will contribute a part of it for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).TMG performs its CSR through the First Act Nepal (FAN). We start the child sponsorship program called “Seed of hope”. We empower them through education projects so that they can reach their full potential. Travelers can travel differently, feel like a local, and we do value their emotions and feelings as well as the environment, customs, and traditions. Let’s make it happen; unleash your dream. At the same time, think and act, we turn your dream into reality.

We aspire to be the world’s most trustable and progressive travel management company.

Missions and Values

It’s all about Passion

For us traveling is both business and passion, and we believe in creating the best experiences for our clients in all the regions that we operate, and to give you the best of the best, we believe in being ourselves the best service provider in Nepal. We fully support you because we care your hard-earned money that you are going to spend on travel in an unknown land, and we do this by sharing our knowledge and by guiding you, based on our experience.


We have different types of trips, and they are full of adventures, and they are trekking, mountaineering, tours, adventures, jungle safari, travel photography, volunteering, evangelism tours, private and customize trips and so on. As soon as we heard about new trails, we include them in our service, so that you can enjoy it, and we also organize private tours in a way you want in remote places in Nepal.


When it comes to giving you the best service, we cannot compromise with a price. Our price is reasonable, and we specialized in what you do and how you want to be satisfied, at the same time, we take care of your needs and meet your expectations, and the price you have invested equals satisfaction.


TMG Adventure follows all the criteria of Responsible Tourism and Sustainable Tourism wherever it operates its service in Nepal and protects nature and works to develop it in the best possible manner.


Our team helps you to explore and discover every region of Nepal, and they have a good knowledge of this place as well as they are local guides who are well-trained, government certified, caring and believe that travel is the teamwork which is also full of fun. We are also the storyteller from the Himalayas. Let's share our experiences and make the Himalayas day and night rich.

Tailor-made Trip

We are specialists in organizing the trips in a way you want in different parts of Nepal because your satisfaction is our satisfaction. All these trips are reasonable though they are private, and on these trips, we offer you qualitative service that you will find them worth remembering throughout your life.

OUR Values

Simply, we are driven by our core values


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