Explore the Real Nepal

Camping treks are always the best choice to do a trek in the Himalayas. Camping offers a diverse plain of closeness, lost in nature, teamwork and a lot of time of releasing your expression to nature and the rest of the time. In the very first beginning, people used to start the trek from Dhulikhel, Dolakha, Jiri, Namche and along the routes to the Everest Base Camp. Due to the plenty of time to spend in the trail, trekkers became the closest to nature, local communities, people and the culture.

This kind of camping trek will be a unique experience for you. It’s not only to do the trek but at the same time, we can learn the teamwork and its importance. TMG Adventure offers you the camping treks in the remote areas of Nepal, even in the most routes like where we find teahouse and lodges. It’s possible there too. Mainly trekkers love to organize such kinds of trips in the remote or off the beaten trails like Dolpa region, Upper Mustang, Far-west Nepal, Makalu Barun, Kanchenjunga, and many more places still undiscovered and the trails are untouched and the virgin. Trips covered with a wide range of wilderness experiences and in both nature and the cultural aspects.

Trekkers help local people economically by doing it. Most of the time, trekkers will be close to the local resources, people and the surrounding. Time to be exposed to nature and the local lifestyles. Not only this, if you are interested to be the part of it. TMG Adventure can organize it in a different way where there is a place to spend more time in the local communities like doing medical treks, volunteering, awareness programs, and much more training. It is a way to share happiness with our dearest people who are in need of supports and love.

TMG Adventure has already conducted such trips in the remote parts of Nepal. I would like to share the joy in a time of serving the communities. It’s a real joy and the happiness that drives you more and more to go ahead in your life.

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