Effort for a Greater Impact


Travel Max Guide Adventure (TMG Adventure) is a tour operator based in Nepal. It operates trekking, mountaineering, tours, adventures, safaris, family holiday tours, evangelism tours in Nepal, photography tours and many more customize or private tours in Nepal upon the request and the requirements of the travelers. We are very flexible to organize customize trips. That how a real traveling is what she/he intends to do or to be? It is good to be organized and follow the trip planning or itineraries but sometimes, freak out or doing beyond the itineraries is all about having fun. 

TMG Adventure is a registered trekking agency in Nepal. Its official name is Travel Max Guide Adventure Private Limited. So we called TMG Adventure. We are born to do adventure, share the experiences and do it in a local way. In the meantime, follow local people, respect their feeling and customs and also support them through our trips. Our aim is to support, strengthening and make communities generate ideas for sustainability. 

TMG Adventure is a wing of First Act Nepal (FAN), at the very first beginning, we were engaged with the social causes and doing supporting for the communities directly or indirectly as an employee or as being a social worker. Being connected with tourism, running charity events, supporting our children who are in need, at the topic of education, we look and work for the funding. Working at a ground level and trying to addressing them what we can? By these experiences being a small group and working to address such kinds of issues of community is hard to raise funds. We came to a point, working in tourism doing medical treks, education supports, learning from them. Our friends all over the globe, giving encouragement to start the business where we can generate income, so we called TMG Adventure is a dream project of First Act Nepal. Finally, we make it happen in 2018, started a new trekking company named Travel Max Guide Adventure (TMG Adventure). Right now we are executing our vision and passion in action. We hope for your kind supports and feedback on the good topics and the appeal to be “I AM THE CHANGE”

Right now, we do have a small project named “Seed of Hope” on which we run child sponsorship programs and educational assistance programs such as stationery, uniforms and school bags. For more updates, you can visit our official website: fanepal.org or get connected in our social media- https://www.facebook.com/firstactnepal

Travelers who booked charity trips are going to be a great contributor to our bright students of Nepal. We encourage all of you to be part of it. At the same time, I would like to make a request to visit our working sites. By your presence, it motivates us to do more and more. You all are heartily welcome.

If you want to know more about our activities and the projects you can write us an email at info@travelmaxguide.com 

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