TMG Adventure is a tour operator in Nepal. The company offers you different experiences in trekking. The company specializes in trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal. By the support and the love from our travelers, we are motivated to work and reach in a huge areas and categories the trekking in different styles like popular treks, short treks, restricted areas treks, camping treks, charity treks, family treks, lake treks, luxury treks, service treks (GAP), medical treks, tailor-made treks, tea house treks, national parks treks, new routes treks, off the beaten treks and will be working on new trekking in coming days. We are as much as flexible to make our travelers happy. We believe that traveling is all about to unleash your dream, and to make it happen, travel it in your way.

Family treks are one of them. TMG Adventure has listed some of the trips. We hope that it will make easy to select the trips. If you are willing to do it in your styles and have different ideas, TMG Adventure is very much pleased to hear from you. Let’s work together and make it happen in a way we intend to be.

Nepal has various family trekking and tours destination. Those who love to do adventure, we can offer trekking and adventurous activities, those who are seeking for a cultural tour, trips can offer in the same way. It depends on the traveler’s choice. Typically Nepal will offer you the trekking, cultural tour, city sightseeing, wildlife safari, family holidays, festival tours, food trips, spend some time in the remote villages of Nepal.

Don’t worry if you have not sufficient time, we can arrange as you wish.

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