Festival tour in Nepal is being popular nowadays. Many of the tourists visit Nepal to see the festival celebrations, culture and tradition and the way of living. Nepal has a different festival than the days in a year. It’s why because our country has lots of minority groups of communities. As Nepal has 125 ethnic groups and so how you can assume according to the numbers. Each group has its own rules and traditions. At the same time, such festivals have their own values and ongoing myths and legends.

To explore it with your naked eyes. Travel Max Guide would like to suggest some of the festivals which are listed on our official websites. These sites are only for the easiness to pick it in your travel buckets. There are lots of festivals in Himalayas of Nepal, Hilly and Terai regions. These festivals have their own dates. You can mark up the dates and visit Nepal doing trekking and tours at the same time, you can be the part of such wonderful festivals of Nepal. Some of the famous festivals are Dashain, Tihar, Indra Jatra, Holi, Buddha Jayanti, and so on.

During the time of your trekking and tours, TMG Adventure can organize your trips including your picked festivals. The festival of Nepal is the key attraction of the tourism of Nepal. Every year hundreds of thousand tourists from around the world come to Nepal to visit and feel it lively.

TMG Adventure is such kind of tour operator which promotes the local authentical elements like local culture, beliefs, festivals, people and the resources. We are on the mission to make our communities’ strength by tourism. Tourism is a place where every people around the world can adjust and share the joy whether we are black or white, or any races or poor or rich people. Tourism doesn’t have a barrier. Our company would like to make a request to help our local communities by being a direct contributor likewise, supporting local tour operators, tourism activities.

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