TMG Adventure started the journey by doing social work. So we are always looking forward to how we can give back to our communities in part to help and make them sustainable. What we believe is caring is all about sharing what we have? It might be knowledge, funding or else more depends on his/ her willing and doing abilities. We love to organize the medical treks in the remote villages of Nepal. Medical treks are all about serving the communities by doing medical treatment. Trips can be short or can go long last for a couple of weeks. It depends on our itineraries and planning.

From around the world, our global friends would like to extend our happiness and make an appeal to serve. During the time of the trip, we will organize day trips around the sites. We can arrange trekking, hiking, sightseeing, jungle safari, fire camp and a workshop about sharing the experiences. Extra activities will depend on the nature of our trips. I will make a plan what can be possible to do over there. It’s all about the time of giving and sharing your experiences with the local community. We love to talk and share the joy, at the same time, serve in mankind.

If you are looking at such kinds of trips, please feel free to write to us. It will be always the best part of our life.

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