There was a time when people believed that the best way to travel Nepal is through trekking, as you can walk to the remote places, meet people and enjoy the natural beauty and their cultural diversity. But as the time changed, there is a new movement between the youths in Nepal. It has been four years that Mountain biking in Nepal has been very much popular. Nepal is considered to have one of the best natural mountain biking trails in the world. A land of yaks and yetis, stupas and Sherpas and some of the best mountain biking trails on earth, Nepal has a lot to offer. Nepal’s craggy chunk of the Himalayas offers world-class terrain, peppered with rustic mountain villages, and hundreds of undulating trails that have been trodden upon for centuries.

Nepal provides mountain biking adventures from a mild day trips, cultural rides to blood rushing downhill trails in the rusty terrains. Nepal’s geographical structure provides a variety of ways you can enjoy a mountain biking experience in Nepal. The Kathmandu Valley’s slopes are generally easy, and the Terai is just plain flat. The longer and more scenic routes require a high level of fitness, and there are monster ascents (and descents) for those who relish adrenaline rush. But there are also plenty of relaxed village-to-village rambles and downhill rides.

Renting a decent mountain bike is also very accessible in Nepal now with brands like Commencial, Trek, Pentagon and other Mountain bike showrooms are open in Nepal. Mountain bikes provide a more intimate experience than a speeding jeep or bus and they get you to places at a more exciting pace than trekking.

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