Where there are the Himalayas, photographers rush in. Fortunately, Nepal has lush hills, deep gorges, blue lakes, and glaciated rivers; these too are admired by the photographers. Besides all these beautiful nature, Nepal becomes a perfect place to witness the culture and traditions in their original form. Be it a beautiful landscape or a unique cultural experience, Nepal is irreplaceable for the photographers who know what photography should be. And when it comes to the photograph of the Royal Bengal Tiger, you cannot find a better destination than Nepal. And when it also comes to the best religious destination, there is no better destination than Nepal, and there is no liberal than a Hindu religion that allows its religious people to take their photos freely. Photography tour is not only limited to nature and religion, but also takes you to the past, such as historical monuments, stupas, and monasteries and tells you about the glory days of Nepal.

Nepal is a landlocked country which everybody knows, and which everybody can guess that it has beautiful snow-covered mountains, lush hills, stunning valleys, awe-inspiring gorges, and untamed rivers. All these have framed to make Nepal attractive in the eyes of the tourists who want to enjoy the full meaning of natural beauty. In addition to these, there are fauna, lakes, and forests which are included in your itinerary whether you trek in the Everest, Annapurna or the Langtang Region. The panoramic view of the mountains that you see in Nepal cannot be seen in other countries and makes Nepal a different country in terms of these.

Side by side, Nepal has historical monuments which come under the category of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and which are mainly palaces, stupas, temples, museums, and monasteries that are completely different in terms of styles.

Whether it is a historical monument or a natural beauty, each of these things of Nepal deserves to be photographed by you when you are on a visit to the world’s most peaceful country. Even her Chitwan National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is home to one-horned rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal Tiger.

The greatest thing while photographing in Nepal is you will be in the midst of nature; you will be in the sea of nature, such as hills, valleys, forest, river, lake, mountains, and villages.

When you will be in Kathmandu, you will have an opportunity to take the photographs of the Sadhus, and when you will be in Pokhara, the City Of Lakes, you will have an opportunity to visit the World Peace Pagoda and Sarangkot which become a must to be included in the photography tour.

Last but not least, Nepal is home to the Aryan and the Tibetan people and the best country in the world to study the cultures of both who have preserved their religion, language, and tradition. Take the photos of their lifestyles, do what others have not done. Let us do the photography tour.


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