To the consideration of our valuable guest who wants only Guide, accommodation and porters, Company provides them with these services deduct the cost. GAP is the abbreviation of Guide, Accommodation and Porters. In this service treks, meal cost needs to pay by the trekkers in the time of trekking. The company will look after the cost of the staff.

This is a good service for the trekkers. Trekkers can do trekking with full safety, with the experts’ team about the Himalayas and the local information. Some of the time, trekkers do trek alone and bit hard to do it, need to faced lots of issues, likely first come safety and another side, quite unknown about the Himalayas and the local culture over the mountain. That might be the disrespect when trekkers don’t have adequate knowledge of the trekking destination. In most of the trekking region, local people have their own faith and traditions.

You can do your trip with full confidence, share your remarkable moments with our trekking staff and the local people over there. Live with the full swing that you deserve and intend to do. Company staff will be for your 24 hours for your safety and care.

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