Tailor-made or Private trips

The tailormade or private trip is that kind of service, it’s all go for the requirements of the travelers, the company will give them the best of best within the requirements. TMG Adventure would like to request to make your trips. Don’t worry about the planning, destination choice, and the ground level choices. The company will look after these all. Do you only let the company what sort of trip you want to make it? That’s all. Most of the time, we do have a certain time and follow what the company offers and along with the standard itineraries. To be in a proper plan is good for all but sometimes, as being travelers we need to spend some more days beyond itineraries.
This kind of service can be fit for those travelers who are looking for a private trip and those who want to spend more time in Nepal, especially for researchers, photographers, volunteering and those who fall in love with nature.
TMG Adventure is always there to organize your trip in your own way. We are here to assist you to make it more lively and the way to intend to be. Please let us know your requirements, we will go thoroughly with your requirements and after we will come to better suggestions with proper travel planning. We have more than 60 destinations which you can make it in your own way.
These packages are only for your suggestion, send us your inquiry so that we can know about your dream trip. We both can work on it and make it happen in a proper way. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or make a quick inquiries

Note: These packages are only posted to make your easy to pick for your travel bucket. If you pick the same itineraries or which is display on our website without any changes, the cost will be the same but if you like to make it your own way. The cost will be changed. Please let us know about you. Besides this, there are more packages on our website, you can pick whatever you like. We are here to make it happen.

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