In Nepal, typically there are two kinds of trekking- one is camping and another one is Tea house trek. Teahouse means a local lodge where you can have a meal and stay overnight. Teahouse serves you the standard beds. Nowadays most of the trekking routes you will find the teahouses or if not there will be a homestay. In most popular trekking routes like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang have a proper teahouse. They will serve you the local organic foods.

In another word, some of the people also called it Mountain Teahouse. People normally understand hotel means where we can eat food rather than for sleeping. Most of the places clarifies the service they provide by mentioning ‘Hotel and Lodge’ or ‘Hotel, Lodge and Teahouse’ to avoid confusion for trekkers coming from different countries.

There are different kinds of teahouses, it depends on your trip budgets. TMG Adventure offers you the best teahouse during the time of trekking. We are a service-oriented company, offers with the two different services- standard and deluxe packages. Travelers can pick their best trips from the below-listed trips. These trips are only listed to make your travel plan easier and help you to make the decision. We can offer you else more trips beyond this. If you are looking for different or not listed below, please don’t hesitate to write to us or make a quick inquiry, we are here to serve you anytime.

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