Trekking and Hiking Overview

In this world, there is nothing better than trekking. When it comes to outdoor activity, to do trekking in Nepal is the best. It is an experience in the unknown place, in the middle of nature, and becomes a unique activity to you, your family, and friends. Above all, trekking in Nepal is almost near the Himalayas. With your finger, you can point out the best trekking destination of Nepal on the map. Nepal is always a favorite trekking destination of the world’s 8 highest mountain which ranges more than 8000 m plus. Aren’t these Himalayas attractive to you? You can see them close as you trek; not only this, you will also see beautiful landscapes. All these are exclusive during the time of your visit to Nepal.

What to expect in Trekking?

Trekking in Nepal is not only about seeing mountains but also of coming across floras and faunas. The floras include the forest of rhododendron, spruce, juniper, and pine. And the faunas consist of birds, monkeys, snow-leopard, bear, and blue sheep.

Nepal has mountains; actually, Nepal has The Himalayas, precisely speaking, Nepal has the Himalayan Ranges, and you know the Ranges extend from one corner to another. These are the line of mountains, and these are what you see during the trekking. This is the reason, why Nepal is popular for trekking destinations in the world. To sum up, it is the paradise for trekkers as well as it is the favorite holiday destination.

During the trekking, you will have your meal in a traditional village where you will meet friendly people and see on the background beautiful mountains.

When you want to see all, that is, naturally beautiful places, stunning view of mountains, and friendly locals, there is nothing better than Nepal. You can trek in Nepal in two ways; one is a tea house and another is camping. Nowadays in Nepal from the local communities running homestay to promote local places and expose the local authenticity.  

Some treks are easy; some treks are difficult, and this depends on the region, climate, and altitude.

What is Hiking?

Hiking is different from Trekking because it is short and is of 1 or 2 days. The minimum altitude that it takes you is 1500 m plus, and there is no fear of Altitude Mountain Sickness.

Why Travel Max Guide?

Travel Max Guide operates different kinds of trekking experiences/styles in different parts of Nepal. Normally nowadays trekkers do trek and spend night in guesthouse which is popular as mountain teahouse. At the very beginning when trekkers do trek in the Himalayas of Nepal, normally in the local areas people used to offer tea only so it is promoted and likely to say teahouse trek. Nowadays you can find a standard guesthouse in the mountain of Nepal. In the Everest region, even you can do luxury lodge trek. Normally at the high elevation, you will find a normal guesthouse with a non-attached bathroom. 

If you are looking to do classic trek, camping treks, medical treks and trekking with a good cause. Our company will be happy to organize this all. Travel Max Guide has listed some trekking styles/types/themes which you can discover it. You can find it on our website. To make it easier here are the bunch of lists.

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