Nepal lies in south Asia, a country of unity and the diverse culture, landscapes and religion. Nepal offers a wide range of touristic attractions site from the Himalayas to the plain Terai belt. Most of the people are Sherpa, Tamang, Gurung who race are Mongolian belongs to the mountain people as know as the welcoming people of Nepal. So on, in the mid hilly region, Brahmans, Chettri is living. In the Terai belt, Tharu people are the indigenous people of Nepal. But by the on timing natural disasters, nowadays you can see the people in mix communities. This is how we stand together no matter our religions, race and from where we belong. We all are Nepali.

The above 75 percent of people from Nepal depends on agriculture. Most of the time send in the field planting and harvesting. As well as animal husbandry, and much other cash corps farming. Travelers can learn about traditional agriculture in Nepal.

If you are looking to explore yourself about mountain life and culture, you can make your trip. In Nepal people of the upper region are influenced by Tibetan culture, and people from the Hilly and Terai region are Buddhist and Hindus. There are also minority groups of people who follow Christianity, Islam, Kirati and else more.

About the landscapes of Nepal, Nepal is a beautiful country wherein a short distance approximately within a few hours driving distances you will find the different weather, landscapes, and culture. Likewise, those who love to do jungle safaris in Chitwan National park can drive for 4 hours from the capital. Nepal has more places for safaris and national parks. Another one is Bardiya national park. Who likes short treks and cycling around the valley can do to short hiking within a day. In your 8 hours, you will have plenty of activities that offer you remarkable moments.

These below trips are just listed to make you easy to pick it in your travel buckets. There are more places where you can discover with TMG Adventure. You can let us know about your destination. We are here to wave it beautifully. Let us make it happen locally with your local tour operator. There are lots of things if you booked with us. You are going to be the game-changer in terms of helping directly local people and the communities. In the long term, you can see the changes and your footstep impact to our people in Nepal. So, we like to request all of our travelers to help us to give you the best so how we can be incourage and motivate to do more and more in the way we deserve. Let’s support the local business and the people over there.

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