Volunteering in Nepal
Travel Max Guide (TMG Adventure) is a wing of First Act Nepal (FAN) a like-minded team those who work for the well being of the vulnerable children of Nepal, especially in the remote communities, supports in child education programs such as child sponsorship programs, stationery assistance and awareness about the importance of education. A one who is well educated can be aware of the good and bad things, able to make his/her own decision. We focus on education. Working in such topics, after all, we seek the well-wishers and the donors to supports the programs. As we are a small group and working in a matter that is invisible and less reachable to the nation or worldwide, it results in its hard to raise the funds, doing struggle in the topic of fundraising.

Our team came with the new plan, with the new hope and the approach, to the reach global persons doing in such activity where we can unleash our dream and the same time can share who we are and what exactly does? We make a strategy to work in tourism what we do have experiences and can do a lot more in both topics like, generating income so how we can support our projects. That’s all we deserve to be. No doubt, we kept on starting dreaming and working on it, Finally, in 2018, we released Travel Max Guide- TMG Adventure, a commercial business serving to the travelers and make some money. It supports us, makes strength and bold as to be a contributor to our communities. It was not easy as we plan to execute what we planned, faced a hard time, though we are focused on our vision.

Travel Max Guide (TMG Adventure) is a tour operator based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Specialize in multi-day outdoor activities such as trekking, mountaineering, tours, adventures, safaris, evangelism tours, photography tours and much more private and customized tours in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. It’s a registered travel company affiliated with Nepal government organizations and other relevant communities.

Since 2018, we are operating different kinds of adventures and tours activities in Nepal. Sharing our experiences, knowledge and being a storyteller, being exposed to self and our travelers. Traveling is the best part of a lifetime. Once we travel, finding ourselves in a huge dimension of life and culture. Respecting all humankind, forwarding to our vision, we are still doing something newly and differently in a way we do deserve it. It’s a small thing, do respect the feelings, emotion, nature, and how the one exposing towards any kind. So traveling with us is not only to follow the itineraries but it’s all about to release yourself. Be a part of it, share the joy where your floor always makes sense for all the bodies.

During the time of traveling, you can request interest of yours. We can make the volunteering work to our communities in the way to deal with what exactly issues need to be faced and solved. Giving our best identity with our team effort, less talking but same time, come out with the proper plan and execute in the local scenario.

Let’s be a part of it. Doing something small is better than not to start and gossiping around. So let’s be the change and renewed our mind. Give the best what we can? because at the end of the day, no one is going to take what they earn in this world, one the matter able thing is, what you do? that the important, let’s do well and give a self legacy to our world. Which one will be followed by the next generation.

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