"The Earth Most Beautiful Part"

Nepal is as ancient as an ammonite; it is touristy, and its huge snow-covered mountains are too captivating. It is a combination of highland and plain, but Nepal has been entitled as the “Land of the mountains,” where each year trekkers do trekking in Nepal. It has what you called the solid trekking trail that the worlds’ trekkers want in their list. Nepal is peacefully located between the two giants of Asia: China and India. She has fuller and richer trekking regions that are unparalleled to a human brain.

Nepal has the best packages for the tourists that will excite you. Every year thousands of trekkers do the trek in the Himalayas of Nepal wherein the plain Terai belt of Nepal is popular for jungle safaris. Nepal is being popular as the trekking destination but those who do travel and trek are well known that Nepal is more than the Himalayas.

At the first arrival of yours, the capital of Kathmandu will carry out that Nepal is more than the Himalayas; during the time of your sightseeing, you can see the beautiful ancient and medieval period architecture in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Travelers also get an opportunity to discover Kathmandu valley, a valley that is quite popular as "The City of Temples." Enrich of religions, arts, and cultures. So, Nepal is a small country with various diversity.

The country which has the tallest mountain also has a contrasting tropical forest that has tourist attractions. The tourist activities in Nepal are not pricey and take you to the home of the magnificent, stripped, Royal Bengal Tiger as well as extinct, one-horned rhinoceros.

One of the characteristics of Nepal is multi-culture. Therefore, you can say Nepal is cosmopolitan, and it is an emblem of picturesque and lively place, and in all her directions, there are epic, grueling, challenging, memorable, lengthy, steep, solitary, and upward trekking trails. Some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Nepal are majestic, mystical, and quiet. As you are in their courtyards, they will put a name to a feeling.