The highest Tableland in the world; this is another name of Tibet. Its Buddhist monastery known as Samye is one of the main highlights, and its other monastery known as Rongbuk is the world’s highest monastery. The monastery also attracts the visitors equally. Tibet is also famous for its mountain views, its Mount Kailash is famous among the Hindus from the religious point of view, and it is also famous among the Buddhists from the same point of view. You may find the people of Tibet living in remote areas extraordinary in their dress and culture; all these make Tibet a popular destination among the travelers. Besides these, Tibet is famous for the Potala Palace, the ancestral home of Dalai Lama.

When it comes to the overland tour, Tibet is the best, and it is also the best if you want to experience the spiritual side of Buddhism. When you are in Tibet as a traveler, you will know the hidden beauties of the world. And all these will trace on your mind, and each of these will become a lasting memory.

Tibet is also the land of myths and mysteries; these, you will know as you visit its monastery. Its other highlights are brown rolling hills, hidden valleys, abandoned forts, and centuries-old caravan trails, including Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, Jokhang Temple, and Ramoche Temple. Most of the monasteries of Tibet are lavishly decorated. Apart from these, Tibet is also famous for the Everest expedition.