Some call Lukla Airport the most extreme airport. Others call it dangerous. Landing in dangerous means landing on the cliff of a hill. Once you land there, you walk on the Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail. The trail descends most of the time which contrasts with your idea of uphill trekking trail, at least for today, the first day of the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Tenzing-Hillary Airport- Lukla Airport

Tenzing Hillary Airport as know as Lukla Airport

A descending trekking trail is always easy to walk, and it is like a blessing in the unexpected area. Above all, the place is the Everest Region, home to the world’s highest mountain. Because of this, it raises your excitement level from 1 to 2, and you have wanted to reach the base camp from the moment you had heard about it as well as the moment you sat the first time in a 16 seaters aircraft.

It is not all about this, but also walking through a forest and villages, such as Chheplung, Nachipang, Koshiguan, and Ghat and also along a river, such as the Dudh Kosi. All these villages are traditional villages, and the river is one of the main rivers of the seven mighty rivers of Nepal. The walking takes you to the valley, and the trekking trail passes by unimaginable things like prayer wheels, stupas, and engraved mani stones. These are what Buddhist moves, prays, and chants. A non-Buddhist like you just have to say “Om Mane Pembay.” Respecting and deeply saying these words, you cross the Thado Koshi Khola to head your next destination.

Dudh Koshi River seen from Monjo, Khumbu Region


Today is the first day. When you compare your first day in Phakding with other days in other villages at a higher elevation, it is better in terms of the tea house. The trekking trail from Phakding to Namche is easy as the one from Lukla to Phakding although you are ascending 3000 m plus, you can say it is almost 80% similar, but the remaining 20% is steeper as you near Namche. Here an easy trail means walking uphill trekking trail, on stones and gravels. This easy trail takes you to the open land where Yaks graze and also to the forest of rhododendrons, the national flower of Nepal. From the forest what you see is the captivating snow-capped mountains.

Phakding, Khumbu Region


Next day, you are heading 3000 m plus. And the place you reach is called Namche Bazaar. Some call this place, a town; some call it a village; both are right; it is the biggest village in the Khumbu Region, another name of the Everest Region; fortunately, it has an ATM. Namche is the best place for acclimatization unlike other places; you will stay there for 2 days because the trekking trail that takes you from there heads to 4000 m plus where the oxygen is thinner.


On the way to Namche, you come across Jorsalle, a village, which marks the beginning of Sagarmatha National Park. As you near Namche, you come across the Khumbu River which has originated from the Everest Region largest glacier’s known as the Khumbu Glacier. As you cross this river over an unstable suspension bridge, forget what happens next. Because you will be safe, just see the snow-covered mountain called Tabuche. Seeing the mountain and resting on the way, you move forward.

Namche Bazaar at night. A beautiful town in the mountain, Khumbu Region

You must have felt Namche colder, but you overcame it with your rented sleeping bag. You are a sort of person who doesn’t mind somebody telling you the Everest Region is colder. And neither, you incline to believe up there the temperature is frozen. You have your breakfast and are thinking of overcoming the challenges of nature. One thing you can become sure is you can enjoy your breakfast like at home.


After this, you have to walk differently; you have to walk on a ridgeline. This is a walking that demands some rest. This is not only different but also easy, and it falls into this category. You may or may not, but you feel the difference as you walk a descending trail, but to some, this is an ascending trail.


For the first time, you will see the dramatic view of Mt. Everest. You will be in awe.


A word called the biggest always influences our seeing sense. It is related to Namche, the biggest village. Stepping into this village and spending a night do count, somewhere you are going to tell either to a friend or a stranger. Above all, this village had smartly fed your hungry eyes; the eyes that searched the world’s tallest mountain. This is how your walking life should be as a Himalayan Trekker.


What cloth you wear also matters to you. If you are wearing a pant, you will need plenty of sunshine. What you eat also matters to you. You might need an energy bar. You need both because you are at a higher elevation.


When you reach Tengboche, you will have what you can say the stunning, breath-taking, and spectacular view of Ama Dablam. Every bit of this mountain calls you silently. Looking at this mountain, you also see the view of what you have come to and what you have heard about it all your life. Both these mountains are above par; no less is Tengboche Monastery; it is so packed that you have to wait for your turn. Even in this area, you will meet the people from England, New York, Japan, and Australia. Tengboche is not only all about this, but you will also find it sociable. The hotel owner ignites a fire stove where the trekkers and the guides sit around. You not only experience this but also feel the cold Himalayan temperature.

Tengboche Monastery; a famous monastery in the Everest region trek


You can say one way, or another that Tengboche is backed up by snow-covered mountain which looks beautiful when it turns its color into natural golden in the early morning at the sunrise. You will always love Tengboche for its beautiful mountain, and you will remember Tengboche throughout your life for a beautiful view. There is a reason to love Tengboche because Tengboche is well-known for its monastery. Every trekker visits this monastery. It is not wrong to say that Tengboche pays you off, and it does this through its stunning mountain and beautiful monastery which is a fine example of artifacts.


Even the journey from Tengboche to Dingboche is unforgettable when it shows you from its trail the towering peak, the world’s highest mountain, Everest. On the way to Dingboche, you will cross the river and the wooden bridge and stop for lunch. You will also walk on the stone steps, pass through colorful gateways, and stand aside to let the yaks pass on the way. Since you are trekking in a higher altitude, the weather may become cloudy; there might be rainfall, and there might be snowfall.

Dingboche, Everest trekking


Far from the modern civilization, you are walking in the remotest region, and you do no believe this; your body is tired during trekking, but your eye is not. The majority of the local people that you come across is friendly. As you talk to them and stay in their lodges, you discover their world. You also come across the porters. They carry everything from a load of eatables to construction materials in the steep hill, and this will amaze you.

Today, you are heading to the Everest Base Camp. This also means you are heading to a higher altitude; the day may become gloomy, and there might be snowfall.


Lobuche is colder because it is located at a higher altitude, an icy cold region.

Lobuche, Everest Region trekking, Khumbu


From there on the way you will walk along the Khumbu Glacier and reach the Italian Pyramid (a research center), then you will reach Gorakshep and have lunch. Sometimes, you are walking in a narrow trail, sometimes in a wide valley. By morning that is before 12, you will be reaching Gorakshep, and in the afternoon, you will be trekking to the Everest Base Camp. The first part of the trekking trail from Gorakshep to the Everest Base Camp is easy. As you head to the base camp, you are likely to become exhausted because of the higher altitude. You can notice this even in the face of a trekking guide who is used to this kind of altitude. You have to push yourself with a will to do attitude. This is all you need, but you should walk at your own pace that suits you. Just like in the previous trekking trail you will also see yaks here.

Gorakshep, Everest Region, Khumbu


The trekking trail is distinct, but it has boulders, and the views are magnificent. However, in such a high altitude place, the weather may become cloudy, and you may not be able to see what you want. To some of you walking and breathing may not become a problem at all here, but to some Altitude Mountain Sickness is. Since you are at a higher altitude, where the temperature is minus your base layer will not be enough to keep you warm, and you will need something extra to wear. Here the gloves are a must.


There are also large rocks on the trail to the Everest Base Camp as well as small beautiful flowers. As you reach the base camp, you will scream with happiness. Actually, the Everest Base Camp is a glacier, and it is a big glacier, and this glacier is the symbol of beauty. There are lots of rocks in the base camp as well as lots of dust. From here you will not see the summit of Everest.

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