One of the best aspects of traveling to a new place is that you get to taste local cuisines which you have never tasted before. Sometimes, the cuisine you taste during your travel deeply touches your heart that you never forget its taste.

If you are traveling in Nepal, you surely will get to taste varieties of local ethnic cuisines. Hence, Nepal is not less than heaven for foodies. Nepal is a small country but it is the home of many ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has their lifestyle, language, culture, and cuisines.

Newar is one of the ethnic groups of Nepal who are the indigenous people of Kathmandu Valley. Newars are renowned for their rich culture. Every year they celebrate several festivals and organize different feasts. One of the traditional and regular food items in Newari festivals is Samaybaji. It is taken as a starter dish in almost all festivals, family get-together and religious activities of Newars. Newars offer Samaybaji to the god before they eat. So, it is considered as auspicious blessed food (Prashad).

It is a dish that has multiple Newari food recipes together. Each item of Samaybaji has its importance to enhance the richness of this delicious cuisine. Mainly, this famous Newari food consists of the following items: