Trip Overview

Bungy Jump in Nepal is one of the adventurous activities in Nepal. It’s also recognized as one of the best places to make a fall. Once you are in Nepal, you need to try it once in your lifetime. It is totally located in a peaceful area of Nepal where you can find many more activities if you dare to do it like rafting, canyoning, swing, honey hunting and many more.

TMG Adventure normally operates such kind of activities on request during the time of your trip. We can plan it as the extension trip. So that we can easily make a plan and make it happen. If you have such kind of requirements, please let us know, will plan it in your convenience. For more details, you can write an email: or send a quick inquiry through our website. We will send you the details.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must because you are trekking near the mountains at an altitude of more than 3000 m. You must ensure in your country before coming to Nepal, before starting your trek. Please bring with you a copy of insurance, and your insurance policy must cover the medical expenses, helicopter evacuation from the altitude of 5000 m to 6000 m, and other things related to your health. Please give the copy to TRAVEL MAX GUIDE. It will send the information to the insurance company if you use the mountain rescue operation, mentioned above.

Passport and visa

Before coming to Nepal, your passport has must have the validity of 6 months, and you can put the visa on your passport at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal. The current cost of the Nepalese visa is the US $ 40 for 30 days, and you must also bring 4 passport-sized photos. If you are from China or SAARC countries, a free visa will be provided to you.

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