Trip Overview

The Trishuli River is the most popular river for rafting because it lies on the way to Chitwan as well as on the way to Lumbini and to Pokhara. Chitwan is famous for jungle safari, while Pokhara is the starting point of the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, the two most interesting places that tourists would like to visit in Nepal.

The rafting is shorter than the jungle safari and the trek and fulfills your desire with its big bouncy waves, hefty holes, and tricky chutes and has from Grade 2 to Grade 4 rapids which are called ‘Snell’s Nose’, ‘Bijli,’ ‘Tea Pot,’ ‘Ladies Delight’, ‘Upset’, and ‘Surprise’ that make it fun and challenging in one of the remotest places of Nepal, blessed with natural beauties.

Just 2 days is needed, you will come across great sceneries, impressive gorges, and challenging rapids that are enough to be memorable, but first of all, you will only need 3 hours to reach the starting point of rafting, and it is so near to Kathmandu that you would reach rural Nepal, and the best is everybody can raft from there, you as a first-timer and your children.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must because you are trekking near the mountains at an altitude of more than 3000 m. You must ensure in your country before coming to Nepal, before starting your trek. Please bring with you a copy of insurance, and your insurance policy must cover the medical expenses, helicopter evacuation from the altitude of 5000 m to 6000 m, and other things related to your health. Please give the copy to TRAVEL MAX GUIDE. It will send the information to the insurance company if you use the mountain rescue operation, mentioned above.

Passport and visa

Before coming to Nepal, your passport has must have the validity of 6 months, and you can put the visa on your passport at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal. The current cost of the Nepalese visa is the US $ 40 for 30 days, and you must also bring 4 passport-sized photos. If you are from China or SAARC countries, a free visa will be provided to you.

Trekking Information

The following are the best seasons for trekking in Nepal, and each of these has its charm, the one which is on the top of the list is the best.

  • Winter season (December – February, including September, October, and November)
  • Spring season (March-May)

As a trekker, you can do different types of trekking in Nepal, and they have been given below.

1) Tea House Trekking (Lodge Trek)

2) Camping

3) Home Stay 

Walk miles for a good cause

TMG Adventure is not just a tour operator in Nepal but also a contributor for a good cause to our communities and the Himalayas people especially working on behalf of children where are abundant from education. Company work through FAN (First Act Nepal) It’s a team that works purely for our children. Support for their well being through education providing child sponsorship programs. Assisting them in school uniforms, stationery, and school fees.

TMG Adventure donates a certain amount of its income to FAN annually, and the amount that it donates varies from year to year because the income that it earns also varies from year to year. Sometimes the income of TMG Adventure is high, and sometimes, it is low. Accordingly, the donation is made.

TMG Adventure also has a volunteering program, and if you are interested, then you can help these children through this program. For more, you can contact us via email, make a call or visit our office. You can also be a part of encouragement by engaging and sharing your ideas in our project. 

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