Privacy Policy

Travel Max Guide has to have your information because you are going to book a trip with it. This information is not only important from our point of view, but also from your view so that we can arrange a trip for you in any part of Nepal. Our agents that are in Bhutan and Tibet also need information about you because you will be traveling with them over there. The information is also needed to run the trip smoothly, and we keep it within ourselves and do not share with anybody. Since you trust us, we maintain this by becoming trustworthy to you, not only in the present condition but also in the coming days to come.

Please provide us the following information in order to know you better as a traveller.

  • A document that tells your identification.
  • Your name, address, postal code, contact number, and email address as well as a copy of your passport.

At your email address, we will send you the information about our new deals and trip as well as the latest information on trek and tours. Every information related to you will be kept secretly, and we do not access it until and unless we need it, and we practice the same for the payment details you have send to us. Our privacy policy is subject to change, and if it happens, then we would inform you as soon as possible.