Terms and Conditions

TMG Adventure, located at the heart of Thamel, a tourist hub, is more than a travel company when you correspond with its founder, John Shrestha because he is a same-minded person like you. Although we are a registered company, we do not want to say this to you to become our customers; instead, we would like to say that we have registered ourselves to give you the best tourism service in Nepal. The trekking trail that you walk on is the same, but the service that you get is different and is above your expectation. TMG Adventure revolves around your satisfaction before you call it a travel company I have travelled with.

In this website, please also visit the page of an Essential Info because it answers most of your questions that you might have in your brain, the following paragraphs also answer most of your doubts; this is what we believe. If we lack any improvements, then please suggest to us to include in our terms and conditions.

You have to Deposit for Booking

For booking trips in Nepal, you need to send 30% of the trip cost as well as a copy of your passport; this is just a sign of confirmation that you want to have from you; this is also the deposit that you have to make, and we use this amount for arranging your transportation and booking hotel. This deposit that you have made is not refundable, and if you are thinking of cancelling your trip after the deposit, then you can, of course, make a decision to travel with TMG Adventure in the future. Your deposit will be with us, and you will be waiting for you as well as for the day you will travel with us. Yes, you can pay the remaining amount after you arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal; it could be after one month or two months or six months. But please do email us as soon as possible if you are doing so or if you are planning to travel later.

For booking trips in Tibet and Bhutan, you have to pay the full amount, in other words, first, you have to pay 30% of the trip cost, then you have to pay the remaining amount before you arrive in Nepal, that is before 20 days.

Cancellation Policy for Bhutan Trip

Please do email us before 30 days if you are cancelling your Bhutan trip.  30% deposit, which you have send to us, is not refundable, this deposit will be charged as a cancellation charge, unlike the Nepal trip.

Cancellation Policy for Tibet Trip

Please do email us before 30 days if you are cancelling your Tibet trip.  30% deposit, which you have send to us, is not refundable, this deposit will be charged as a cancellation charge.

You can pay to TMG Adventure either by wire transfer or via credit card.

Wire Transfer

  • Pay to: Travel Max Guide Adventure Private Limited
  • Account Number: 01907376660027
  • Paying Bank: Himalayan Bank Limited
  • Amount: (USD)
  • Branch: Tridevi Marga, Thamel
  • Swift Code: HIMANPKA

Note: Bank Service charge should be paid by the clients themselves at the time of deposit

As soon as we receive the payment, we will inform you by email.

Payment by Credit Card

Last Minute Booking

TMG Adventure encourages you for advance booking, but if you are unable to do so, then we do accept the last minute booking, but this booking should be done before 3 days you arrive in Nepal. We do not accept the last minute booking for Tibet and Bhutan; this is only applicable for the trip that you are going to do in Nepal.

  • There will be no refund to you if you leave the trip from halfway.
  • If your trip gets cancelled that is beyond our control, there will be no refund in this as well.

Travel Insurance

  • Travel Insurance is a must because you are trekking near the mountains at an altitude of more than 3000 m. You must insure in your country before coming to Nepal, before starting your trek. Please bring with you a copy of insurance, and your insurance policy must cover the medical expenses, helicopter evacuation from the altitude of 5000 m to 6000 m, and other things related to your health. Please give the copy to TMG Adventure. It will send the information to the insurance company if you use the mountain rescue operation, mentioned above.
  • If you do not abide by the rules and regulations, then you commit unlawful activities, and you have to leave from this country, in such a case, TMG Adventure will not refund you.
  • Our terms and conditions are applicable only if you book your trip with us directly. If you book your trip with us through any agents or third party, you shall be liable to their terms and conditions.
  • We also have agents in your country, and if you book from them, then you have to follow their terms and conditions.