It was my first trek, and I was not too keen to walk in the rugged mountain for half a month from the beginning. However, my thoughts completely changed on the third day. As we head to Lukla by plane, the scenic view from the plane window… don’t know how to explain! THAT ‘S GOOD, can’t wait to get off the plane and walk on those trails. Finally, my wait is over, landed in one of the most dangerous airport in the world as I find out later.

I was screaming with joy. The cold fresh air from mountain, runny nose and a warm cup of coffee… out of this world. I caught a cold on the 10th day, so I had a little luxury to ride a pony size horse (it was not comfortable though). Our tour guide Zon gave me some Himalayan herbal tea as a medicine (although it didn’t work), it was absolutely amazing, I’ve bought some with me.

Being the weakest among the group always felt behind; however, I enjoyed the company with a guide. He is a good photographer too and I had a camera! Perfect combination! Thanks to Zon for being so patience and answering all my annoying questions. As we’ve walked 20 km to Namche, day 15 was the toughest journey in the whole route and the most adventurous too. Namche is a beautiful small village town. I loved the people and their Himalayan culture. Those uphill, downhill, winding trails, and the valley and the sparkling snow peak of the mountain were absolutely worth of journey. Had I not done this, it would be the biggest regret. I can’t say enough thank to TMG adventure.